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why a wi-fi controller is the right choice

Having a Wi-Fi controller makes watering your lawn and gardens easier and more efficient. 

You can access your irrigation system from any location allowing you to manage your lawn sprinkler system from your office, while you are on the road, or even while you are away on vacation. It also gives you more control over the amount of water used , allowing you to conserve or use more water depending on your landscape needs.

A few more reasons why choosing or switching to a

Wi-Fi Controller is the best choice for you:

Your sprinkler controller will monitor your water flow.

If a pipe is broken, it notifies you as well as your irrigation contractor so the problem can be fixed right away,

minimizing the amount of water lost.


With Hunter Hydrawise™ Predictive Watering™ you get

up-to-the-minute weather forecasting.

This allows the controller to adjust schedules based on the weather, giving you the most accurate weather reporting

so you know how much water to schedule.


Your controller can be upgraded at any time.

This allows you to add more zones or change a sprinkler zone to a drip irrigation zone allowing you to save more water.


You can also add additional parts to your sprinkler system

to make it work more efficiently.

Drip tubing for planting beds or flower pots on your deck or patio; a Wi-Fi controller gives you flexibility.



(no wi-fi)

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