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Having a gorgeous outside space goes hand in hand with keeping it fresh and vibrant with as little physical maintenance as possible. With 360’s professional irrigation systems, you can rest assured that your lawns, trees, flowers and shrubs will look as good as the day they were planted.


Our certified professionals and high-quality brands are a major component in making 360 Outdoor Group one of best irrigation providers. Our technicians hold Certified Irrigation Contractor Certificates and you can trust that we only use the best and most efficient products for all of our projects.


360 has all of the tools to provide residential customers with the irrigation systems they never knew they needed.  Imagine never having to water your lawn or flower beds again; it may seem like a unattainable dream, but with 360 Outdoor Group on your side it's all possible!  360 brings efficient and unique designs to every project, and finds the best solutions for each property.


360 specializes in commercial projects including apartment/condo buildings, office buildings, hotels, retail business plazas, and more. Our installations are completed in compliance with all drawings and specifications and we always work with construction schedules to ensure deadlines are made.

Are you a landscaper or contractor?  Find out why working with us is the right choice for you.


Our irrigation service includes new installations and design, openings, maintenance and repairs, system upgrades and winterization. Irrigation water solutions means working with you to develop a harmonious master plan for your property.


Knowing the amount of water your system provides to your property is an important step in efficient water use. You can save water just by selecting the right products. A well-planned watering system can help you avoid over watering, protecting your plants and saving you money.


A Wi-Fi controller gives you access to your irrigation system from any location using your smartphone, computer, or tablet. They integrate with smart-home technology allowing you to set up timers and controllers as well as receive weather data. Wi-Fi controllers allow you to choose when you water and how often, leaving you in control of your water usage and savings.

Click below to see the controllers we use to make your life easier and your systems more efficient. 

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